Kindle Voyage vs Oasis (2021) comparison: Pros & Cons

Looking for a review between the Kindle Voyage vs Oasis? You are lucky. We’re going to compare these two today.

Most of the things in this comparison give me exactly the same. The home screen, the screen size, the dimensions resolution, everything can be exactly the same because pretty much using the same screen.

The exterior is what we’re really going to focus on.

Amazon Kindle Voyage vs Oasis: Standout Features

Kindle Oasis: So what this is basically is a device that can give you months of charge in a single month of battery life in a single charge. It is a very weird shape. They say it’s the thinnest Kindle ever. But that’s only as thin as it is on its thinnest point.

As you progress, it gets pretty thick. In fact, it’s actually thicker than the Voyage by quite a bit at its thickest point.

This is looking like the Wexler flex, except it is not flexible. It’s actually really rigid. I wouldn’t be flexing this Kindle. This is the only Kindle that has been available with a gyroscope, meaning you can read in your left hand and your right hand in all positions.

This allows you to use page turns. On top, we have a micro USP port right there and we have a power button. So I get a lot of scratches on my hands.

Is his device basically forces you to buy a cover? Well, doesn’t force you to buy one. It gives you one. So the box looks like this. And in the box, you get the usual Kindle box and a charging covered box. You have no choice but to get the charging cover.

So the only way they say this is the thinnest Kindle and this is the long as life is kind of little loopholes because it is only the thinnest, that it’s very thin point. And it’s only months of charged with the connected battery cover and the battery cover with the device itself give you like two months of battery, which is really cool.

Amazon Kindle Voyage vs Oasis: In-Depth Comparison

Kindle Voyage vs Kindle Oasis comparison.

Kindle Voyage
14,307 Reviews
Kindle Voyage
  • Passionately crafted for readers
  • High-resolution 300 ppi display--reads even more like the printed page
  • PagePress enables you to turn the page without lifting a finger
  • Adaptive front light--provides ideal brightness, day or night

Kindle Oasis
2,347 Reviews
Kindle Oasis
  • Now available in Graphite or Champagne Gold.
  • Our largest, highest resolution display— 7” and 300 ppi, reads like real...
  • The first waterproof (IPX8) Kindle so you are free to read in even more places.
  • Now with Audible, listen to the world’s largest library of audiobooks. Pair...

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1. Oasis – So how it works is that you get a charging cover that is attached by these little pins and it magnet snaps and it complements the shape of the actual reader itself. So it’s kind of cool. And they also say symmetrical, asymmetrical design, which isn’t necessarily true, because if you look at it back, it’s actually completely symmetrical straight down the middle.

It’s just asymmetrical the way you hold it. But in reality, it’s pretty symmetrical. So you have a charging cover is included in the bundle, but don’t make it seem like, you know, wow, I’ve got a charging cover. You know, this is fantastic. You paying three hundred dollars U.S. for a Kindle Oasis with charging covers. Pretty, pretty substantial money for a six-inch reader.

Voyage – Ambient light sensor which they actually took out of the actually sorry, didn’t take out of it. They did not put it on the oasis. It’s only on the voice, the ambient light sensor. You have the USB port on the bottom. The back is really cool on the voyage. You have the piano finish up top. See the reflection of the lights there and the cool, angular design of the back. You also have a kind of hard rubber plastic with a power button up top really nicely nestled there and a recall embossed piano finish logo. Try to think of the correct word there.

So we’ll do as best we can by showing you the exact same thing on both screens. But what we’ll do is open up the same book on both the same page, same font, same everything.

Thirty-five percent through each one. And just really, I guess, look at them. So what you’re seeing here is the exact same thing. We it’s really the identical experience. We have a lot of the same settings. In fact, things are laid out the same way on both. We’ll just give you an example of how they appear.

Kind of features some like this kind of a little bit lost for words that we do. We do have something interesting on the oasis. It’s Amazon, Amber. It’s included optimized font style for the oasis, specifically for the oasis.

Screen & Display

But you do not find that on the boy. So we’ll go to the one that is the previously new developed one Biomes on, which is Bulkeley. That’s the one we’ll be comparing. So we’ll do a quick cut.

Oh, looks like the oasis sped to the chip. The sprint to the finish line there. Now they’re the same.

So we’ll go to the notes and we’ll see the keyboard. Keyboards are the same. So do do do do responses about cool. Do some page turns. Page terms are identical. We’ll do another long press.

Go to the more button translation. We had it on a Chinese traditional prior to this video doing a review video on this. You have the side buttons, you can also press on the voyage and the physical. Oh, get out of their physical page from buttons you can press on the oasis. So both have really good ways of changing pages. You could swipe, tap or press the physical button. Same with this white tap press physical button. So kind of cool. So we’ll go back to the home screen here.

Oasis vs. Voyage: Reading experience

In terms of reading experience between the Voyage and the Oasis, the Oasis wins.

So really, you know, we want to show you an e-book because you might think, oh, why are you showing us an e-book if it’s the same?

Well, we want wanted to really stress that is that the software experience on both of these is the same.

So, you know, don’t be expecting you’re going to get all new Kindle experience. Now we look at differences.

Obviously, that’s why we’re here. So you see the auto brightnesses, a checkable box on the voyage because we have an auto light sensor and that will allow you to act much like a cell phone if you’re in a dark environment. The lights will go up and down. The light will go up.

If you’re in a very bright environment on your cell phone, usually the same kind of thing. And on the left, you’ll notice we have a battery and a cover charge. And this is because this is the battery on the case and the battery on the actual ebook reader of the oasis kind of feeding each other.

So they’re powering off of each other, which means that the cover will charge the battery once the battery dies or starts to die.

So it’s really a cool system that they’ve designed for that. You see, the oasis has been condensed a little bit on settings.

Just go to a couple options to show you that. So they’re using more use of the space on this.

But that really just means they’re spreading it out. And we have screen light night flight settings to screen brightness of your eyes. And this will obviously allow you to use the light sensor to handle all that kind of stuff. So.

Voyage vs. Oasis: Processor & Speed

All things being equal, we’re going to look at the nighttime reading experience.

One of the critical differences between these devices is that the oasis on the left right here has 10 LCD or to further identify what I’m talking about, LCD lights, which are lights, but the L stands for lights. So it’s redundant.

But anyways, this has tonalities. This has six. I didn’t think I’d be that evident. It kind of is. This is more perfectly white. This has a little bit of a gray feel. And it’s funny every time we review a Kindle.

Kindle the latest generations as they come out. We keep reviewing its predecessors. Keeps getting progressively better and better and better. And you don’t really think is that when we had the Paperwhite, we’re like, wow, this is great. This is.

Can it get better than this? And it does. So this is the experience on both of these four glow lights. And we can press the settings button and go here and go through some ranges. So we’ll go down 18.

She starts to get a little unreadable when you get dark, obviously, because you’re turning the light off. So you try to find that even mix, even range and make sure you don’t wake up the people around you, but still get the full reading experience that these Frontline readers deliver.

Other differences between the Kindle Voyage and Oasis

So, yeah, in terms of differences, I mean, I don’t wanna just go through every single setting and say all this is saying this is same. The main differences are that the voice is lacking. The light sensor, the automatic light sensor, and the voyage have only six LCD versus the ten, as well as the design of a can be completely different and the gyroscope being missing out of the voyage as well.

So the oasis brings a lot of cool things to the table, but it also brings a very heavy price tag and it boasts a lot of statistics that it’s a little bit strange, like the thinnest and the longest life. And it’s all kind of conditional on, you know, it being the thinnest point and using the battery cover. So be careful when you read these kind of selling features of these devices.

Personally, I would go with the voice just because it feels better in the hand. And it’s just when you get too small like this, I mean, looks at it. Look what happened with cell phones.

I mean, we got down to the Motorola Razr and then people were like, oh, man, we want small phones. We went rasor crazier and got too small. So now we’re at almost seven-inch tablet phones again.

So everything comes full circle. And I think Kindle just got a little too tiny here.

Kindle Oasis vs. Voyage – Conclusion

I don’t like holding it very much. I actually like holding the voyage a lot better. It’s got a little bit more weight to it.

The voice, I think, is a little bit lighter. But use this to your advantage this video and check out the differences. And yeah, that’s about it for the Kindle Voyage versus Oasis.

You guys have any questions? Let us know.

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